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Tibetan Healing Consultations

Tibetan Medicine, massage therapy, massage, integrative medicine, healing massage, relaxtion massage, herbal medicine, herbal therapy, Rochester MN

   60 minutes                $100

Initial Consultation

Follow-up Visit          

   30 minutes                  $50

Tibetan Healing consultations are available for clients who seek to maintain or improve their overall health or who want to address a specific health condition.  During an initial consultation, I will take a health history and perform a focused exam.  Unique portions of the exam will include pulse reading, tongue examination, and an analysis of urine.  I will then discuss with you the imbalances that may be limiting your individual health, and we will develop a plan to address these imbalances.  I will always discuss lifestyle changes and dietary changes that will benefit you.  I may recommend herbal therapies or physical therapies such as massage or moxibustion as well.



Massage therapy, massage table, healing massage, relaxation massage, Tibetan massage, Tibetan medicine, Rochester MN

So-rig (Therapeutic) 


120 min                           $150

90 min                             $115

60 min                             $80

Chair Massage

$1 per minute of massage

Massage therapy is available for clients seeking an relaxing, rejuvenating experience and for those who want to work on a specific health concern.  I use the Tibetan So-Rig (therapeutic) massage style. Many clients find this style similar to a Swedish massage.  I use Tibetan massage oils and moderate pressure adjusted to each client's comfort.  

Herbal Therapies

Physical Therapies

Horme therapy, herbal therapy, moxibusion, Tibetan Medicine, massage, massage therapy, Rochester MN

Herbal Therapies

1 month treatment           $95

Moxi Therapy          |  $35

Horme Therapy       |  $55

Cupping therapy    |  $20

Tibetan herbal therapies are often a part of a recommended wellness plan.  I will discuss the dosing, efficacy, safety, and ingredients of any recommended preparations. Tibetan herbal therapies are generally very safe with few to no adverse effects; however, I may not recommend herbal therapies to clients already taking other medications.  

Physical therapies such as moxibustion and horme (stimulating specific points of the body with heated herbs) may also be recommended.  

Herbal therapies and physical therapies other than massage are usually available only after a consultation.

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Tibetan herbs, Tibetan medicine, healing, massage, massage therapy, healing massage, relaxation massage, Rochester MN